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Natural Trade Ltd. is a Canadian company based in Vancouver that specializes in wholesale, trade and export of Softwood lumber, Hardwood lumber and Panels. Our supply of more than 300 mills in North America offers a great variety of products to our customers in different markets like: Mexico, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean. Natural Trade exports and distributes lumber that is used in various commercial and industrial applications. Natural Trade’s success is based on our belief that the best way to help our customers is to know and understand their requirements and to combine that with our awareness of opportunities in the market. Part of our responsibility is to understand our customers’ business and become familiar with their needs and changes. After exporting North American lumber for 14 years, Natural Trade has become the Canadian company with the greatest presence and biggest volume of lumber product read more...

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At Natural Trade, we are committed to the communities where we do business. Our monthly contribution is focused on two charity organizations in Mexico. This is part of our philanthropic effort as a strong tradition of giving back and being appreciative. We invite you to check the following links and join our initiative to support a wonderful cause:

Global Forest

Global Forest is Natural Trade’s sister company based in Mexico that provides customers with another alternative if they require imported wood into Mexico.

It provides appropriate permits and internal resources to import lumber for customers that don’t have a complete understanding of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) regulations. With several distribution yards, we are prepared to cover our customers’ immediate needs for lumber.

Global Forest has been operating since 2007, it has it’s corporate office in Mexico City and sales offices in Mexicali,BC, Querétaro,QT, Tijuana,BC and Playa del Carmen, QR.  

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  • Apr 15, 2015

    Natural Trade Ltd. is a Canadian based company in Vancouver that specializes in wholesale, trading and exporting of Softwood,...


  • Apr 15, 2015


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