Natural Trade Ltd. is a Canadian company based in Vancouver that specializes in wholesale, trade and export of Softwood lumber, Hardwood lumber and Panels. Our supply of more than 300 mills in North America offers a great variety of products to our customers in different markets like: Mexico, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean.

Natural Trade’s success is based on our belief that the best way to help our customers is to know and understand their requirements and to combine that with our awareness of opportunities in the market. After exporting North American lumber for 14 years, Natural Trade has become the Canadian company with the greatest presence and biggest volume of lumber products exported into Mexico and South America.

Our professionalism and positive relationships with sawmills and clients has allowed us to grow and earn the trust of more importers, distributors and/or lumber consumers in different markets. Natural Trade has contracts and production programs with most of the primary sawmills in Canada and the United States, which gives us access to more and better options for our clients in Mexico, South America, Asia and the Caribbean.

Our company coordinates the logistics and transportation of products from the origin to final destination—we also offer financing. We consolidate lumber from different mills to one location without increasing product costs, and we are able to do inventory in various reloads in Mexico, United States and Canada. Therefore, our clients can receive lumber from different mills in a single shipment. This prevents our customers from having over-inventory of a single product, helping their inventory and cash flow. The majority of our shipments are sent by rail, but depending on the sawmill’s location, the final destination, and the required volume of our customers, we also ship by container, truck or dry-van.

We are sure that Natural Trade will find the opportunities to meet your lumber needs and benefit your company!

Natural Trade Ltd.

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