Our logistics team simplifies the export process, ensuring that your order is delivered to the final destination in the safest and most cost-effective way possible, whether it is by rail, truck or container.

As an international exporter of timber products, Natural Trade ensures that your order complies with the customs and agricultural regulations, making sure that all documentation including the required certificates are delivered on time. Our years of experience have helped us to establish a strong business relationship with customs brokers, railways and shipping agents in Canada, USA and Mexico. We also have presence in countries like Chile and Brazil.

The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) was established to facilitate access to commercial goods and services between Canada, USA and Mexico. This procedure has increased documentation requirements and compliance with additional regulations for each shipment. As a result, it is essential to work with a company like Natural Trade, that is highly experienced and knowledgeable of this Treaty. We use all our acquired knowledge for the benefit of our customers and suppliers.

Our logistics team traces each shipment, from the time it leaves its origin until its delivery at the final destination. Continuous tracking allows us to give our customers the service to locate products at all times and support their supply chain actively. Additionally, our team is always ready to react to contingencies and problems with route alternatives, giving the most effective solutions to each shipment.

Natural Trade remains committed to finding efficient transportation and to handle logistics to positively influence the final cost of the product. Our daily effort differentiates us from our competitors by offering superior and personalized service.

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