• Natural Trade and Global Forest share who we are, what we believe in, and what we hope to achieve in the future for our community.
  • Our culture is founded on the thoughts of all who interact in it, both team members as well as clients and associates.
  • Provide the most efficient supply chain in the wood industry.
  • Maintain constant leadership and a motivational environment among our employees.
  • Offer our clients a comprehensive business concept based on a cycle of negotiation, purchasing, logistics, and financing.
  • Strengthen the growth of the wood industry, focused on customer service and client satisfaction. Continue being a consistently profitable and growing operation.
  • Natural Trade and Global Forest are based on the values shared by all those who work within, and that identify us as a company where rights and tolerance towards others are respected.
  • Productivity and commitment in teamwork.
  • Sustainability and social responsibility.
  • Integrity and respect towards our coworkers and clients.
  • Leadership and absolute responsibility in our functions.
  • Positive, creative and proactive attitude.
  • Constant honesty and professional communication.
  • Support for our personal and professional goals.