What Natural Trade Excels In

Natural Trade specializes in wholesale, trade, import and export of Softwood lumber, Hardwood lumber, Panels, and all specialty forest products. Our diverse supply of mills located globally allows us to offer a large variety of products to our customers worldwide. Our experienced tradesmen and logistics teams will be able to help our clients with every step of the process. While our great credit service helps our customers finance all their transactions.





Our logistics network covers the whole world, creating a large fleet of reliable transportation to and from our suppliers and clients. We help facilitate the deliverance of our product through shipping containers, rail, truck, and multimodal transportation. No matter where our client is located, we will ensure the deliverance of a product at the time specified, and the quality that was promised.


Not only do we offer a reliable transportation service, but we are also leaders when it comes to financing on credit. We are able to offer you a financing schedule, allowing you to feel comfortable with your payment plan. This, in turn, will help your business become more successful and enable it to have a more reliable cash flow.